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Rugby Club Gura Humorului is a community club, for the community that can only function with the continuous involvement of community members in our daily activities!


1. Administrative staff

Opportunity: As a member of the administrative staff, you will play a crucial role in supporting the club's activities and ensuring its smooth running. You will have the opportunity to interact with players, coaches, and other members of the team, creating a strong connection with the rugby community. This opportunity will also give you the opportunity to develop and improve your organizational, communication and time management skills. You will learn to coordinate events, get involved in match planning and promotion and much more. The experience you will gain will be valuable not only within the club, but also in your personal and professional life.

Roles and responsibilities:

Working hours: 4h/week
Home games & open day events assistance
Database maintenance
Accurate player & volunteer registration into the database ensuring a smooth process for all
Database administration
Operational support provided to the technical staff

Skills and experience:

Very strong attention to detail and be attentive to the member - the information that we provide our players and members needs to be correct at all times.
Flexible team attitude - help when the task is 'not in your job description'
Approachable, friendly & patient - customer service driven. Able to easily engage with people at all levels.
Have initiative are a self-starter as well as having professional presentation and communication style.
You will meet people with the same passion and vision, and together you will create unforgettable memories and contribute to the growth and success of the club.
Be an advocate, a leader, and a friend to other club members. Come and build the future of humor rugby with us!

2. Social media coordinator

Opportunity: You are about to join a great team and make a significant difference to the way our club interacts and connects with fans and the rugby community.
If you choose to be a social media coordinator, you will be the voice of our club on social media platforms, and the impact you will have will be particularly valuable.

Roles and responsabilities:

The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for the clubs ‘Online’ presence, with the aim of keeping the club’s players, members, friends, and supporters up to date with news, results, training plans, development projects, and any other information deemed necessary. Whilst the role is part-time in nature, it will often require updates to be communicated at unsociable times (e.g. Weekend results) although this aspect is not expected to be onerous and time-consuming.

The ideal candidate will understand the club and community ethos of Woodbridge Rugby Club, and be able to convey the spirit of friendliness, inclusion and good fun in all social media posts and communication. The successful candidate will demonstrate fundamental competencies in all modern social media platforms whilst possessing the energy and enthusiasm to contribute regular updates via all available club outlets.

Working hours: 6-8h/week

Skills and experience:

Must have a thorough understanding of social media management
Developing social media content which is consistent with the club’s identity, ethos and spirit
Promoting and upholding the club and it’s values to all subscribers
Creating and exposing consistent, meaningful content on all social media platforms including writing and editing posts and managing social media campaigns
Managing the online dissemination of information on a regular basis; creating, replying and interacting to posts as a representative and on behalf of the club
Fundamental competence to accomplish these objectives through use of contemporary social media platforms, including but not necessarily limited to:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential
Providing regular updates to the management committee regarding social media performance


Use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Facebook Insights to monitor and evaluate the club’s social media presence and performance.
Suggestions and recommendations to adjust the club’s social media strategy for optimal results.
Staying up to date on best practice and emerging technology and trends
Co-operation and interaction with local/national media outlets, at the discretion of club management
We want to get to know you and see how you can bring your energy, your creative ideas, and your technical skills to make our club shine on social media platforms.

3. Medical Coordinator

Opportunity: As a volunteer doctor in a rugby club, you will have an essential role in ensuring the safety and well-being of the players. Whether it's providing first aid during minor accidents or managing more serious situations, your medical knowledge and experience will be invaluable. You will be the team's guardian angel and an irreplaceable support for everyone involved. By taking on this role, you will have the chance to be part of a united and passionate rugby community. You will work alongside coaches, players, and other dedicated volunteers, forming a strong team. You will be surrounded by people with the same passion and determination, and your involvement will contribute to creating a safe and supportive environment for the players.

Roles and Responsibilities:

First Aid: Assessing and managing injuries, applying bandages, or providing initial treatment for sprains or muscle strains.
Evaluation and Management of Medical Emergencies: Identifying/managing medical emergencies that may arise during rugby activities.
Administration and Management of Medical Equipment: Ensuring that the necessary medical equipment is always in good condition and available during training sessions and matches. Also responsible for managing and replenishing the stock of materials and medications needed in the first aid kit.
Monitoring and Reporting Incidents: Monitoring incidents and accidents that occur during rugby activities and reporting them appropriately.

Skills and Experience:

Strong medical knowledge
Practical experience in emergency or sports medicine
Ability to make quick decisions and act under pressure
Availability and flexibility
Recommended professional experience: physical therapist, medical assistant
You will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, learn to make quick and effective decisions under pressure, and work in a dynamic and motivating environment. You will experience continuous learning and gain valuable knowledge and skills that will be useful throughout your medical career. Join us today and be part of a community built on teamwork, passion, and commitment. We look forward to having you with us and building a safe and successful environment together for everyone involved in our rugby.
Allianz Tiriac


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