National Rugby League

RANKING National Rugby League - Play-Out
Place Team G W D L S-T Dif. Points Bonus Total points
1CS Navodari3300138-61+7712214
2CS Stiinta Petrosani330074-41+3312113
3CS Universitatea Cluj2200140-13+1278210
4CS Politehnica Iasi310260-43+17437
5CSM Bucovina Suceava311169-107-38617
6RC Grivita – UNEFS Bucuresti210192-22+70426
7Rugby Club Barlad310255-61-6426
8Rugby Club Gura Humorului311172-79-7606
9Clubul Sportiv Municipal Galati3003 21-114-93000
10CSU Alba Iulia300320-200-180000
RANKING National Rugby League - Group B
Place Team G W D L S-T Dif. Points Bonus Total points
1RC Grivita – UNEFS Bucuresti320186-76+10819
2CS Navodari320167-151-84808
3CSA Steaua2110120-26+94617
4CS Dinamo Bucuresti2110 85-23+62617
5CS Politehnica Iasi310269-89-20426
6Clubul Sportiv Municipal Galati210142-34+8404
7Rugby Club Barlad300334-104-70011
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